The Proper Way for Your Organization to be on Facebook

If we told you that your organization could potentially reach a network of more than 60 million individuals, 85% of which have a college degree and many users with an active interest in changing the planet, would you be interested in taking 10 minutes to start utilizing this network? What if I told you it was free for your organization to use. Does that pique your interest even more?

There is no doubt that Facebook is on a fast track of taking over the world wide web (take a look at the companies statistics page to find out why I say this). Your organization can utilize this network for helping to get its word out by using the following step by step guide to setting up your organizations "Facebook Page".

There are two types of accounts for Facebook, an individuals account (the one that you create when you click on the big green "Sign Up" now button to get onto Facebook) and the pages that have information on businesses call Facebook Pages. While you might be tempted to just create the first type of account for your organization, the Facebook staff will kindly boot you from the site if they find out you are an organization using an individuals account. If you use your own name and email address, however, to create an individual account and then create a Facebook Page for your organization, you will be gladly welcomed.

This article assumes you already have a Facebook account. If you do, go ahead and login to that account. If you don't have an account, simply create an account for yourself using the following sign up page.

1.) After you have logged in with your own Facebook account, you will see a row of links like the row at the bottom of this screen capture. The link that you are interested is the link that says "Businesses". Click on that link to bring up the next screen.

2.) There are a whole slew of options on this next screen, but the one that your organization should be interested in at this point is the "Facebook Pages" link pictured below. Click on this link to begin the wizard for creating a Facebook page for your organization.

3.) You will be taken to a page that describes exactly what a Facebook page will do for your organization, you can read it if you really want to, but it pretty much is just a pitch at how wonderful facebook is. Go ahead and click on the "+Create a Facebook Page" link that you see towards the upper right hand corner.

4.) Choose the "Brand or Product" drop down and select non-profit from the list of available options. If you're an association, then select the type of industry that closest matches what your association is for. Once you have selected the brand, we can move on to entering the name and the security check text.

5.) Obviously enter in the name of your organization, or the name that you want this page to have. The other box is the security check. You may have seen this before, but the reason you need to enter this is to prove to Facebook that you are a human creating this page as opposed to a computer that is creating fake Facebook pages. Sometimes the text is a little hard to read, but if this is the case you can always click the "Try another" link directly above the security picture. Click the "Create Page" after you have finished entering all the information.

6.) Congratulations, you have successfully created a new Facebook page for your organization! Start adding some background information on your organization, upload a logo or image that shows your organization, and start inviting people to become "fans" of your organizations page. One last note, to edit your Facebook page after you have created it, log in with your own Facebook account and click the "Page Manager" on the left navigation bar under Applications.


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